Come on a journey with the animals of Earth...

as they give up on this planet and set off in search of a better life.

The Animals of Blipp is a children’s story set to rhyme. It tells how all the animals of the world have become fed-up with their lot on earth, so escaped in a large rocket to a planet called Blipp: And They Loved It!

The story then focuses on Mr Wolf who visits Dr Brown Owl because he is ‘very distressed’. He explains to the doctor that children on earth all think he is mean due to unkind ‘made-up’ stories about him. For instance, dressing in old ladies clothes and attacking grannies (Red Riding Hood) or blowing down piglets houses (Three Little Pigs).

He is protesting his innocence when Dr Brown Owl has a great idea! He suggests that there could be children listening to this rhyme right now, as it’s being read out aloud…what follows is a marvellous short dialogue with the children who are listening and there is always a happy outcome!

Kevin Bullock retired Primary Head teacher (author): ‘ I’ve used this little story throughout my teaching career and it is a fun, joyful and uplifting, it will lighten the day for both adults and children. It also raises moral/social questions that the children readily engage with and has led to a variety of cross-curricular work.’ Ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 10 and can be shared in a 1-1 situation or an assembly with 300 + pupils.

  • A brilliant read! It has children captivated from start to finish. A must have for any school.

    Caroline James

    Head teacher

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Meet the Author

Kevin is a retired primary Head teacher but continues to work as a leadership coach throughout East Anglia. He has also advised the government on a variety of educational issues and his previous publication, ‘Improving Performance in Primary Schools’, was sold throughout the educational sector both in the UK and beyond. AKA Grandpa Magic to his grandchildren and children’s friends, as he loves to intrigue youngsters with his magical tricks. He is a committed Christian and a member of West Road Church in Bury St Edmunds.

Meet the Artist

Bella Proctor It took Kev and I around 16 months to complete the book, it was a real labour of love! On our first meeting we didn’t know where to start so we visited some local book shops looking at a variety of children’s books and observing how they were illustrated and laid out. We then met, perhaps every two months, to discuss how my illustrations were complementing the text. We are both so pleased and proud with the end result! Now I need to concentrate on my studies at university. My love of art stems from the excitement I get when creating, developing and improving a new piece of work; I thrive within this artistic process! I achieved A-Levels in Maths, Art and Psychology and secured two A’s and one B respectively. I am currently reading Fine Art at Lancaster University and hope to secure a position as an art curator.